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Practice Session from 12-17-05

Well - I am officially OLD today - so I was listening to some of the pieces posted by the folks at Delcamp and ran across a performance of this terrific little Prelude by Tarrega - I had never heard this before - curious.

Anyway, it's a very simple and short piece - more of a sort of fleeting musical thought, really - but, like the Cardoso Milonga, it just grabbed me and I pretty much had to play it. Old Francisco would probably scream to hear me attempt it - but whachagonnado?

Since having learned (FINALLY) how to clean the video files' audio pretty well, I have decided to stop applying effects like reverb when I make these little vids of practices -- I figure I can use them to improve my tone and such more if I do not tinker with the tone any more than happens when the files are cleaned --- but, I had several requests to add a little reverb to this one - so I have included a WMV version with a lite reverb applied. I prefer the virgin sound - but, I guess the reverb sounds ok as well - hope it is used for good purpose ;-)

ALSO - and just for grins - we were having a discussion on Delcamp about the correct tempo of a Pavana -- so, I made a quick little pass at the Milan Pavana (# 6 actually though my stuff has it marked as # 2) -- I don't do Stately or Regal very well - just seems louder and plod-ish to me - but I'll go ahead and include a WMV of the pass from the 17th made as part of the discussion.

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NameLast modifiedSizeDescription/Type

Parent Directory..directory
MS_Tarrega_Prelude_no11.wmvSun Dec 18 04:08:07 CST 2005  2162300  Windows Media file
MS_Tarrega_Prelude_no11_wLiteReverb.wmvTue Dec 20 20:02:37 CST 2005  2165400  Windows Media file
Milan_Pavana_no6_noverb.wmvTue Dec 20 09:45:36 CST 2005  2324048  Windows Media file
QT_Tarrega_Prelude_no11.movSun Dec 18 04:06:30 CST 2005  9117585  QuickTime Movie file
RM_Tarrega_Prelude_no11.rmSun Dec 18 04:07:08 CST 2005  1543313  Real Media file
RM_Tarrega_Prelude_no11_stream.ramSun Dec 18 04:07:08 CST 2005  66  Real Media streaming file
RM_Tarrega_Prelude_no11_stream_fs.ramSun Dec 18 04:07:08 CST 2005  82  Real Media streaming file

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