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Practice Sessions from 11-23-04

Just added an old standby - Bach Prelude in Dm (BWV 999) -originally in Cm, I think - it mostly serves to illustrate how weak my hands still are -- especially the left but also some very obvious right hand flaws and weakness -- like right hand position which is obviously too high (torawd the 6th string) in these.

Updated 1/5/05: I figured out how to clean the noise a bit better so I recleaned the Bach Prelude vid and added in a slower one as well (some folks seem to prefer the slower) -- I notice that the original (cleaned) .avi files are very clear but the compressed & converted files presnted here (.wmv, .mov & .rm) seem to gain back both his and noise :-( I guess that is a side effect of the compression and/or conversions -- I'm using Adobe Audition to clean the .avi - wine media encoder to make the .wmv - quicktime to make the .mov - and real producer 10 to make the .rm versions.

Anyway, on the 27th I also re-made the Villa Lobos Prelude No. 1 and the Tarrega Lagrima -- somewhat more standard and a little better for these I guess - but still a LONG way to go with my hands.

NOTE: I again used Adobe Audition to clean up the niose and hiss but, again, I found that I could net get quicktime to import the avi file produced by audition -- if anyone has any suggestions for better use of audition - or knows how I can convince quicktime to import more than just the audio for larger avi files from audition - please let me know.

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NameLast modifiedSizeDescription/Type

Parent Directory..directory
MS_Bach_prelude_bwv999.wmvWed Jan 05 14:19:50 CST 2005  4920022  Windows Media file
MS_Bach_prelude_bwv999_slower.wmvWed Jan 05 14:21:52 CST 2005  5609179  Windows Media file
MS_Tarrega_Lagrima.wmvThu Nov 25 13:58:01 CST 2004  5467460  Windows Media file
MS_Villa_Lobos_Prelude_no1_Em.wmvWed Nov 24 01:37:54 CST 2004  14045195  Windows Media file
QT_Bach_prelude_bwv999.movWed Jan 05 14:17:30 CST 2005  3834518  QuickTime Movie file
QT_Bach_prelude_bwv999_slower.movWed Jan 05 14:23:28 CST 2005  4412517  QuickTime Movie file
QT_Tarrega_Lagrima.movThu Nov 25 14:30:46 CST 2004  12120863  QuickTime Movie file
QT_Villa_Lobos_Prelude_no1_Em.movWed Nov 24 01:51:46 CST 2004  2639229  QuickTime Movie file
RM_Bach_prelude_bwv999.rmWed Jan 05 14:25:07 CST 2005  4288297  Real Media file
RM_Bach_prelude_bwv999_slower.rmWed Jan 05 14:26:54 CST 2005  4919330  Real Media file
RM_Bach_prelude_bwv999_stream.ramTue Nov 23 21:06:11 CST 2004  67  Real Media streaming file
RM_Bach_prelude_bwv999_stream_slower.ramWed Jan 05 14:23:30 CST 2005  74  Real Media streaming file
RM_Tarrega_Lagrima.rmThu Nov 25 14:04:02 CST 2004  6122564  Real Media file
RM_Tarrega_Lagrima_stream.ramWed Nov 24 02:27:32 CST 2004  61  Real Media streaming file
RM_Villa_Lobos_Prelude_no1_Em.rmWed Nov 24 03:08:38 CST 2004  12475102  Real Media file
RM_Villa_Lobos_Prelude_no1_Em_stream.ramWed Nov 24 03:04:05 CST 2004  72  Real Media streaming file

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