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Practice Session from 11-21-05

I had just mentioned to someone that I felt like my RH had recently clicked another notch in its recovery - but I see no evidence of it in this vid --- GRRRRrrrrr!!!

Anyway - I was just practicing a bit and tried grabbing a little medley of Lagrima and Adelita -- even simple little things like this get lost if I don't play them occasionally --- and, while this was just a one take thing, the finger flubs are evidence of why I'll never be more than a silly parlor player - at best!!

I tried to respect the Lento and Largo tempo markings (though Lagrima STILL ended up more Andante) - I find it difficult to play these so slowly though - seems to me like they just plod along when I try to play them so slowly.

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MS_f_tarrega_medley_lagrima_adelita.wmvMon Nov 21 21:47:26 CST 2005  10397336  Windows Media file
QT_f_tarrega_medley_lagrima_adelita.movTue Nov 22 00:54:11 CST 2005  9396341  QuickTime Movie file
RM_f_tarrega_medley_lagrima_adelita.rmMon Nov 21 21:50:14 CST 2005  7736576  Real Media file
RM_f_tarrega_medley_lagrima_adelita_stream.ramMon Nov 21 21:50:14 CST 2005  78  Real Media streaming file
RM_f_tarrega_medley_lagrima_adelita_stream_fs.ramMon Nov 21 21:50:15 CST 2005  94  Real Media streaming file

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