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Practice Session from 10-13-05

Just a third pass at this little etude. I made this on the 13th but did not do the conversions and upload till the 15th - thus the date inconsistencies.

Anyway, this time I took a sort of "Drunken Sailor" approach to the tempo (as is often done with this piece) - not as nice as I would like it to be - but maybe it'll get better with a little work. The previous version was more by the score but I'm afraid it lacked any artistry whatsoever.

NOTE: I used the new approach to cleaning the mic hiss this time - and I did no other modifications (like - no reverb) but there seems to still be some nasty distortion in the RM version -- and I don;t know what the heck is up with the quicktime version - seems to jitter all over the place :-(( sorry

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Parent Directory..directory
MS_chopin_etude_op10no3.wmvSat Oct 15 11:36:30 CDT 2005  3824954  Windows Media file
QT_chopin_etude_op10no3.movSat Oct 15 11:37:55 CDT 2005  3878407  QuickTime Movie file
RM_chopin_etude_op10no3.rmSat Oct 15 11:38:56 CDT 2005  2798016  Real Media file
RM_chopin_etude_op10no3_stream.ramSat Oct 15 11:38:57 CDT 2005  66  Real Media streaming file
RM_chopin_etude_op10no3_stream_fs.ramSat Oct 15 11:38:57 CDT 2005  82  Real Media streaming file

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