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Practice Sessions from 9-26-04

Just a little better practice of the Sarabande (BWV 996). Still hampered by weak rght hand and lack of agility in the left (so what else is new??). Oh well - for what it's worth...

Also - just out of curiosity, I remade the Villa Lobos Prelude No. 1 - been a while since I have done it and I wanted to see if my hands had improved at all without working it up -- not great but better than the old version so I'll include this as well.

NOTE: used Adobe Audition to clean up the niose and hiss (9/29/04) but the sound is still a bit brittle compared to the actual tone - oh well - removing the noise helps a bit anyway.

NOTE 2: could not seem to import the cleaned up avi into quicktime (QT would only import the audio and not the video from the cleaned .avi file??) so the QT versions here still have the noise.

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NameLast modifiedSizeDescription/Type

Parent Directory..directory
MS_Villa_Lobos_Prelude_no1_Em.wmvWed Sep 29 16:01:00 CDT 2004  13092242  Windows Media file
MS_bach_sarabande_bwv996.wmvWed Sep 29 14:51:29 CDT 2004  9221244  Windows Media file
QT_Villa_Lobos_Prelude_no1_Em.movSun Sep 26 23:58:57 CDT 2004  10510345  QuickTime Movie file
QT_bach_sarabande_bwv996.movSun Sep 26 15:08:23 CDT 2004  7371212  QuickTime Movie file
RM_Villa_Lobos_Prelude_no1_Em.rmWed Sep 29 17:28:11 CDT 2004  14894494  Real Media file
RM_Villa_Lobos_Prelude_no1_Em_stream.ramMon Sep 27 00:06:49 CDT 2004  72  Real Media streaming file
RM_bach_sarabande_bwv996.ramSun Sep 26 15:08:24 CDT 2004  67  Real Media streaming file
RM_bach_sarabande_bwv996.rmWed Sep 29 17:22:42 CDT 2004  10445092  Real Media file

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& Best of Bad Lot
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