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Practice Sessions from 9-24-04

Just another day practice trying to remember some of the Lute Suites stuff. So this is a first pass (practice only - for sure) of the Presto (BWV 996) - though not at all presto yet HA HA HA HA.

Be SURE to lock up your puppies or dogs before playing this one. Apparently, for some unknown reason, it drives dogs (well, puppies, anyway) to distraction!!!

If you want a REAL LAUGH, right-click and save the .mov version to your local machine, open it with Quicktime and play it at fast time (click and hold the fast forward button on the Quicktime player). We'll call that "Baroque Chipmunks Do Bach" - HA HA HA HA HA!!!

NOTE: used Adobe Audition to clean up the niose and hiss (9/29/04) but the sound is still a bit brittle compared to the actual tone - oh well - removing the noise helps a bit anyway.

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MS_bach_presto_bwv996.wmvWed Sep 29 14:40:52 CDT 2004  4778449  Windows Media file
QT_bach_presto_bwv996.movWed Sep 29 14:42:13 CDT 2004  3747531  QuickTime Movie file
RM_bach_presto_bwv996.ramFri Sep 24 23:27:08 CDT 2004  64  Real Media streaming file
RM_bach_presto_bwv996.rmWed Sep 29 17:10:14 CDT 2004  5335342  Real Media file

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