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Practice Session from 9-12-05

Just another practice of the BWV 997 Sarababde -- I've slowed the tempo to what I think is probably about "right" but I think I come off as more schmaltzy rather than regal when I play it this slowly - probably need to really work on better phrasing and accentuation etc. etc. etc. You know what - it can be difficult to slow something way down without making it seem to just drag along.

Also, I really like the John Williams recording of this one and I have made a few changes along similar lines. I don't take as much liberty as did JW (who am I to do such a thing anyway) but I did change the octave of a couple of bass notes in measures 9-10 -- I prefer the sound when played in the higher octave there. I also throw in more arpeggios than are marked in the score -- this MIGHT be part of the problem causing it to come across as too schmaltzy.

I think I'll also work on a bit more of a staccato feel of the melody in measures 9-12 and 25-28 (with more flowing melody in the measuers that follow these) - not really full staccato - maybe better accentuation is a better description - but I really really need to do SOMEthing there. And I really need to work on VOlumE control - sheeeoootttt!!!

Anyway - only one really offensive fumble (I really need to STOP all of a sudden trying out a new fingering while trying to make a presentable vid) and a couple of missed notes - I guess it wouldn't be me without some of these - so enjoy (at least as much as you can) -- the next pass will be better (I hope). And, as always, all comments are always welcome.

NOTE: Because I know other beginners seem to watch these more than anyone who already actually plays, be sure to notice how lazy sitting and guitar position leads to wated effort as the guitar dances all around as I try to change rhight hand position for color changes etc. This is VERY VERY poor technique - I know it - and you SHOULD know it as well!!

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