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Practice Sessions from 08-24-05

Just a quick practice pass on the Bach Prelude in Dm (BWV 999) - originally in Cm.

This was just a pass to practice the stops and to pick up a little speed (but still only @ 96 or so). I wasn't going to publish this one but what the heck -- I think the stops are a little too quick and I don't bring out either the bass OR the treble tops very well. -- I tried to reduce the noise and hiss but there's still a LOT of hiss in this one - mostly where the playing starts?? Not sure why - guess I screwed up something when cleaning it. I'll try another pass at this in a few days - should improve the clarity with a couple of days practice at it (I hope ;-)

The older versions are still out in the 11-23-04 dir - no stops and a bit slower - but you might enjoy them more than this particular one.

NOTE: deleted these so I reuploaded from a backup -- oops!! Dates are changed but the files are the same.

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NameLast modifiedSizeDescription/Type

Parent Directory..directory
MS_bach_prelude_bwv999.wmvFri Jan 20 19:33:58 CST 2006  3556060  Windows Media file
QT_bach_prelude_bwv999.movFri Jan 20 19:35:28 CST 2006  4135067  QuickTime Movie file
RM_bach_prelude_bwv999.rmFri Jan 20 19:36:25 CST 2006  2607146  Real Media file
RM_bach_prelude_bwv999_stream.ramWed Aug 24 03:07:00 CDT 2005  67  Real Media streaming file
RM_bach_prelude_bwv999_stream_fs.ramWed Aug 24 03:07:01 CDT 2005  81  Real Media streaming file

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