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Practice Session from 07-23-07

Isaac Albeniz:
Mallorca (barcarola - op. 202)

Another barcarola :-| go figure ... but probably the sexiest piece ever written - and I know - just another reason I have no business playing it :-)

Well - my LH is still fighting the numbness and there are still a couple of bad funbles in this pass but I said I'd make a better recording this past weekend - which I didn't - so here's a little better pass than the last one. Ya know - I just can't MAKE myself play this faster ... yeah yeah ... I know - I know - ya mean "... can't really play it at all.." ... didn't think I heard that, did ya :-))) Anyway, maybe it's the simpler transription that makes me want to play it slower or something.

I'll add the other formats when I have a few minutes to make them.
No1_Albeniz_Mallorca_op-202.wmv: Ok - Ok - I admit it! I made 5 takes this evening - no. 2 was a false start - Kick-kick decided no. 3 wasn't a good one about half way through - no. 4 is the one I used - and no. 5 just wasn't as good as no. 4 (I guess I was getting tired or something). ANyway - no. 1 mostly suffered from camera placement but I pushed the tempo a bit more than I usually do - and there were, of course, a few bad notes (but none of those damn rhythm-breaking fumbles) - also some breath noise and very strange facial tension -"monkey faces" - here and there :-))) but it was generally ok ... that is, until the very very VERY end when I fudged a note which led to another and basically BLEW the entire pass - ALMOST 8 FRIGGIN' MINUTES OF PLAYING RIGHT DOWN THE OL' SHOOT!!! I think I'll start a BLOOPERS dir - but I guess musical bloopers aren't really all THAT funny ... unless, maybe, your initials are V.B. :-) Anyway, if you have the time, you can watch the No1 pass - at least the very end - for the bloop!!

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MS_Albeniz_Mallorca_op-202.wmvMon Jul 23 04:06:28 CDT 2007  18596074  Windows Media file
No1_Albeniz_Mallorca_op-202.mp3Fri Jul 27 00:05:55 CDT 2007  7552940  file
No1_Albeniz_Mallorca_op-202.wmvWed Jul 25 13:12:58 CDT 2007  17748576  Windows Media file
No1_Albeniz_Mallorca_op_202_chipmunk.mp3Fri Jul 27 00:06:58 CDT 2007  4381048  file
RM_Albeniz_Mallorca_op_202.rmMon Jul 23 09:00:40 CDT 2007  14195721  Real Media file
RM_Albeniz_Mallorca_op_202_stream.ramMon Jul 23 09:00:43 CDT 2007  69  Real Media streaming file
RM_Albeniz_Mallorca_op_202_stream_fs.ramMon Jul 23 09:00:44 CDT 2007  85  Real Media streaming file

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