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Practice Session from 06-03-06

Agustín Barrios Mangoré:
Julia Florida

Really just another practice but I'm sort of getting bored with this piece so I think I'll call this final for a while. Those who know me know I NEVER make it through a piece without mistakes - and this, sadly, is no exception - two that I wish I could have avoided --- oh well - still, probably better than the previous pass.

I used the Hernandez (spruce) on this one - just because.

NOTE: I've added 3 alternate versions of this one below. Trying to figure out how best to compensate for the nasty tone of the guiter that results from cleaning the noise from the original 8-bit 22K recording produced by the webcam or my laptop's sound chipset (or both). The alternates are:
  • _c3fft cleaned and FFT
  • _c3fft_sr1 cleaned, FFT and Studio rm 1 reverb
  • _sr2 cleaned and Studio rm 2 reverb

Anyway - as background for the piece - written, as I understand it, in December 1938 when he was Professor of Guitar at the National Conservatory in San Salvador. It's a barcarola dedicated to the niece of Francisco Salazar, one of Barrios' friends and admirers. Apparently he liked to do this... dedicate pieces to his friends and acquaintances.

"Julia Florida" means "Julia Blossoming" - which makes sense, I guess, if it was for a girl becoming a young lady.

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NameLast modifiedSizeDescription/Type

Parent Directory..directory
MS_barrios_julia_florida_final.wmvSat Jun 03 05:50:47 CDT 2006  9484730  Windows Media file
MS_barrios_julia_florida_final_c3fft.wmvSat Jun 03 19:15:39 CDT 2006  9490630  Windows Media file
MS_barrios_julia_florida_final_c3fft_sr1.wmvSat Jun 03 19:19:06 CDT 2006  9487810  Windows Media file
MS_barrios_julia_florida_sr2.wmvSat Jun 03 05:54:14 CDT 2006  9487726  Windows Media file
OGG_barrios_julia_florida_final.ogvThu Jun 17 01:12:34 CDT 2010  11879985  file
RM_barrios_julia_florida_final.rmSat Jun 03 05:58:11 CDT 2006  10852230  Real Media file
RM_barrios_julia_florida_final_stream.ramSat Jun 03 05:58:11 CDT 2006  73  Real Media streaming file
RM_barrios_julia_florida_final_stream_fs.ramSat Jun 03 05:58:11 CDT 2006  89  Real Media streaming file

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