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Practice Session from 5-9-05

I found some time to practice the Double of the Bourree (BWV 1002) from the "Suite in Bm for Unaccompanied Violin" a bit more. Trying to finish (re)memorizing it and working on the stops that I failed so mizerably on in the first pass at it.

If you're interested you can see how folks responded to the request for critique of the first pass - but, if you don't have access or don't want to bother following discussions in the rec.music.classical.guitar news group, you can see the responses in the GOOGLE Archive
Anyway - I didn't want to let tooooo much time go by between the first pass and a second - so here's a vid of a practice session - be warned that it IS PRACTICE only - expect foul-ups (as with all I play I guess :-) -- but, at least, this time I run through the entire piece with repeats (double your agony ... and mine :-)

HEY!! How about that sitting position - PERFECT don't ya think :-)

NOTE: AGAIN I couldn't import the vid with the cleaned up audio into Quicktime so the >MOV file is the original with noise still there - sorry - DERN IT - I wish I could figure out why Quicktime so often fails to import the output from Adobe Audition.

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