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Practice Session from 02-25-06

Agustín Barrios Mangoré:
Una Limosna por el amor de Dios

Well heck - just a second progress vid - still VERY POORLY PLAYED - I've been practicing (fairly well) @ 144 and pushing up to 160 - but, get me in front of this damn camera and I freeze up something fierce!!! This is probably only 116-120 and I STILL screw up all over the place. Funny - when I drop the tempo from what I've been practicing I seem to screw up even more than usual ... Oh well - maybe better than the other day anyway - and it'll get better still (I hope). The Chipmunk MP3 version is probably more enjoyable than this vid.

Anyway - it's a really nice piece (if you listen to almost ANYone else play it) and with an interesting background story -- according to the Mangore site...
The story goes like this: July 2nd 1944 -- Mangore was in San Salvador teaching a lesson when, suddenly, someone knocks at the door. Barrios opens the door and an old lady with her arm stretching forwards tells him "Una Limosna por el amor de Dios" - "An alm for the love of God" - Mangore gave the lady a few coins and then went back to his student with a smile on his face. Looked at him and told him: "I am working on a new piece and I know what I will do with it...I will incorporate the knocking at the door in the piece"... Barrios died on August 7th 1944 and left the piece finished but without a title. When the student that was with him told this story, the piece was called "Una limosna por el amor de Dios"...for being Mangore's last composition it is often called "El Ultimo Canto" - The last song.

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