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Practice Session from 02-23-11

by Per-Olov Kindgren
I Dream of You

So, I heard this beautiful little piece by Per-Olov the other day and really wanted to take a stab at it. I don't have the score so this is just my first take at faking it - I know it's off in a couple of spots but it's close. I squashed one pretty critical note :-( and I know I'm still playing it a bit mechanically - sorry. I'm working on a better recording setup so I'll make a better pass once that's done.

OH! I used the Hernandez on this one and, actually, I'm pretty pleased with the way it handles this piece.

The vid named ...cleaned-raw below is the raw avi with only noise reduction. The other has some lite studio verb applied. I didn't do any FFT this time ... don't think I miss it though.

Anyway, I would like to thank Per-Olov for writing the piece and for giving me permission to publish it here. He seems quite nice and he can also play VERY well - g watch his vid of this piece on youTube here. It is, of course, WAY better mine.
For Fun: Well, I guess we all go through a second childhood - and I must be in mine because, while playing around with the reverb settings, I found one that sort of CRACKED ME UP!! But then, it actually began to grow on me and it sort of makes an interesting background audio for a nice clip I found of some dolphins playing with bubble rings - the bottom YouTube embed is the dolphin version... 8-)

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MS_kindgren-i-dream-cleaned-raw.wmvThu Feb 24 11:07:11 CST 2011  41390731  Windows Media file
MS_kindgren-i-dream-of-you-hvhh.wmvFri Feb 25 11:57:46 CST 2011  41390813  Windows Media file
MS_kindgren-i-dream-of-you-sc.wmvWed Feb 23 19:04:49 CST 2011  41390731  Windows Media file
kindgren-i-dream-dolphin-all-spacey.wmvTue Mar 15 14:50:52 CDT 2011  41406813  Windows Media file
kindgren-i-dream-dolphin-part-spacey.wmvSun Aug 14 12:21:39 CDT 2011  41406907  Windows Media file
kindgren-i-dream-spacey.wmvThu Feb 24 12:33:39 CST 2011  41390731  Windows Media file

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