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Practice Session from 02-17-05

OK - lot of words on this one because I'm bored -- the vid links are below :-)

Well - I got my semi-annual haircut today - which really has nothing to do with anything except that, when I got home, I turned on the webcam and did a little run through on the BWV 996 Bach stuff (Prelude & Presto, Allemande and Sarabande), the Villa-Lobos Prelude #1 and the Terrega stuff (Lagrima & Adelita) -- just a straight through. Haven't played much in the last couple of weeks and got the urge to plink around.

My wife wouldn't have approved (or let me get away with it :-) but this haircut every 6 months is becoming a tradition for me - so I was going to do something clever with a before/after pair, but I couldn't get the angle right for the after so I'll just throw these out this way for now - and I'll call this one the "Samson Effect" because, if the haircut had anything to do with it, the effects were probably harmful - like maybe making me a little light headed or something :-))

Excuses: (I mean beyond the fact that I can no longer play) I hadn't warmed up at all - and I just sat at the desk (out of position, I mean) - and I played the Enriquez (aka Almansa) so I could try the sound of a cedar-top. I'm OBVIOUSLY still re-beginner enough that a strange guitar throws me even more than it should :-) -- but, really, the neck on the Enriquez is WAY thicker, fretboard to back, than the Hernandez I normally play - probably a newer construction thing or some such. I recently did a setup on it and wanted to try recording with it. It was TERRIBLE when I first got it - and this was my first attempt at doing a setup. Not bad but I think I probably got either (or both) the nut and/or bridge too short though because I'm getting some buzzes (other than my normal buzzes that is).

Plenty of snafu's but only one verbal expression of disgust, a grunt or two and only a couple of faces :-)

NOTE: I've made cutouts of the...
  • Bach Prelude & Presto and Allemande (BWV 996),
  • H Villa-Lobos Prelude no. 1 and
  • Terrega Lagrima
...for those who don't want to have to listen to the bad parts of the full video.

Unfortunately I deleted the original AVI file so I could only make WMV versions of the cutouts so they will probably only work for windows media player folks - sorry. Also, the WMV cutouts ended up sounding a bit metallic - sorry - maybe the multiple compressions?
Anyway - if you can force yourself to sit through the Bach, the Villa-Lobos is better than earlier passes (not good but better) and the Lagrima is almost passable. I blow the Adelita in several places quite badly but I really haven't played it in a long while - not sure why I threw that in - but what the heck.

They should all stream if your player version handles it - if not, this one may be too big to wait for it to download so you might do better to watch these using the links on the main listing page instead. I made the .WMV version with light reverb, the .RM with only hiss reduction and the .MOV with no filter or alteration at all.

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MS_only_Allemande_BWV996.wmvThu Mar 03 12:02:06 CST 2005  5262394  Windows Media file
MS_only_Lagrima.wmvThu Mar 03 12:03:47 CST 2005  4646504  Windows Media file
MS_only_Prelude_and_Presto_BWV996.wmvSat Nov 12 12:53:57 CST 2005  8265774  Windows Media file
MS_only_Villa-Lobos_Prelude_1_Em.wmvThu Mar 03 12:20:54 CST 2005  11582205  Windows Media file
MS_samson_effect.wmvFri Feb 18 00:22:36 CST 2005  50756082  Windows Media file
OGG_only_Prelude_and_Presto_BWV996.ogvThu Jun 17 02:19:09 CDT 2010  10368401  file
QT_samson_effect.movFri Feb 18 00:37:27 CST 2005  40887599  QuickTime Movie file
RM_samson_effect.rmFri Feb 18 00:53:58 CST 2005  45486321  Real Media file
RM_samson_effect_stream.ramFri Feb 18 00:53:58 CST 2005  59  Real Media streaming file
RM_samson_effect_stream_fs.ramTue Feb 22 13:21:02 CST 2005  75  Real Media streaming file

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