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Practice Session from 02-15-06

Introducing PHaS3 ...playing...

Antonio Vivaldi:
Concerto RV 532 -II - Trio (arr. by JF Delcamp)

Ok!! A couple of friends from Delcamp - Perf De Castro, Chris Volak (aka GuitarSlim) and I (aka hav) finally got together and formed the  PHaS3 Virtual Trio  - One in Duarte, Ca. - one in LA, Ca. and one in Houston, Tx. ... all in all, not bad for over 1,000 miles and several days between the parts!! (not to mention 26+ years since I played ANY ensemble stuff).This is its first and probably last performance (at least with me as the weakest link) so we hope you'll enjoy this movement of the Vivaldi Concerto RV 532.

We finally all got our parts recorded and Perf mixed them together into this out of sight (meaning really fun to do) video. Hope you enjoy it - it was a hoot and a half making it!!

p.s. In case the vid isn't yet up here when you visit, you can whet your appetite by listening to the chipmunk audio below (I mixed that so it's not as good as what Perf will make for the vid -- anyway, I think we're going to be calling GS "Alvin" from now on 8-))

mmmmmm -- Ok ... odd - but I had a couple of requests for vids of only the individual parts - but I had only an old practice vid so I'll put it out here in 2 forms,one with and one without a metronome present. Also Perf was also able to generate "karaoke" type vids of the piece for parts 1 and 2 so you can practice playing those parts with us (if you want to practice part 3, use my practice vid below) - I'll include those below as well - thanks Perf!!

The score we used was the trio arrangement by J.F. Delcamp and it's available freely on the Delcamp.net forums sheet music section. Anyway - for what thery're worth :-\

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PHaS3_vivaldi.movFri Feb 17 10:48:34 CST 2006  7994582  QuickTime Movie file
PHaS3_vivaldi.mp3Wed Feb 15 15:26:34 CST 2006  1978619  file
PHaS3_vivaldi.ogvThu Jun 17 01:31:14 CDT 2010  10517846  file
PHaS3_vivaldi.wmvWed Feb 15 17:38:58 CST 2006  8294946  Windows Media file
PHaS3_vivaldi_chipmunks.mp3Wed Feb 15 14:25:48 CST 2006  1294629  file
vivaldi_practice_part 1.wmvFri Feb 17 16:39:31 CST 2006  5301524  Windows Media file
vivaldi_practice_part_2.wmvFri Feb 17 16:41:28 CST 2006  5314520  Windows Media file
vivaldi_pt1_only.wmvFri Feb 17 10:32:14 CST 2006  7397832  Windows Media file
vivaldi_pt1_only_w-metronome.wmvFri Feb 17 10:34:56 CST 2006  7392056  Windows Media file

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