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Practice Session from 02-05-11

arr.Miguel Llobet Solés
Canço del Lladre

Really just another practice pass at this traditional Catalan folk song. I STILL don't love some of the phrasing and dynamics but I'm getting a little bored with it so I'm gonna call this final for a while, at least.

Anyway, arranged by Miguel Llobet Solés (1878 – 1938) and transcribed by Jean-François Delcamp. The title means "The Thief's Song" or something similar.

Tried the '81 Hernandez spruce on this pass but the webcam mic seems to hate the highs :-(

I'll include a youTube version (right) for those who don't want to try the wmv below.

I went ahead and included (below) two of the other takes: "t2" which is a little more face-on for those who want to watch LH position a little more clearly - and "cedar" done with the cedar instead of the Hernandez. I was using the Delcamp score on this.

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Canco-del-Lladre-cedar.wmvMon Feb 14 09:53:33 CST 2011  32110725  Windows Media file
Canco-del-Lladre-t2.wmvTue Feb 08 09:02:23 CST 2011  31158713  Windows Media file
MS_Canco_del_Lladre.wmvSun Feb 06 03:12:38 CST 2011  32334737  Windows Media file

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