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Practice Session from 01-05-06

Well - another Happy New Year y'all!! Let's all wish for a better '06 than '05 proved to be ;-)

The other day I listened to a performance of a composition by one of the Delcamp members (on the French side) - a piece entitled "Canco trista (l'avia)" by Paco Talarn (aka pakillo). I was just blown away -- it was a piece I just had to play. It's hard to describe the feeling I get form this beautiful little piece - the best I've come up with is "melancholy grasping for lost joy that remains just out of reach" - and I am drawn to such pieces these days. Probably not the best thing for my mental health - but somehow soothing to my spirit or something.

When giving me permission to record and present this piece, Paco gave me some insight into his impetus - what a wonderful (and sad) confirmation of what I felt when I first heard it...

From Paco:

This piece is a silent and impotent cry, that surfaced in the hours immediately following the loss of a much-loved member of my family, who during my childhood shared many long afternoons of guitar and love.

It is a sad song dedicated to my grandmother, who died, after bitter agony, spent in silence, caused by accursed alzheimers that lasted for many years.

Anyway - I hope my attempt at performance will do justice to the beauty and sadness of the piece - and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do - and, if you're a Delcamp member, be sure to drop over to the French side to watch and/or listen to pakillo's performance (available there as both mp3 and video). His touch is far superior to mine and his phrasing is better etc. My performance below is after 3 evenings with the piece --- yeah yeah yeah - all my standard excuses apply.

You can reach Paco (pakillo) on the French forums at Delcamp.net

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