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Practice Sessions from 01-03-05


You know what! - if I have NO other skill, I sure can make a fairly easy piece seem difficult as I struggle through it!! HA HA HA HA.

Playful but with a haunting melancholy and loneliness just below the surface -- the first time I heard Cardoso's Milonga, I knew it was a piece I wated to play. The milonga is a tango danced (played), as I understand it, slightly faster than a typical tango.

Maybe someday I'll nail it but, for now, here's a 3rd pass at the Cardoso Milonga - better control but still pretty bad - I made the vid so that I could better see my right hand as well - still very weak I guess - and the left is no better - (read "terrible trills, no color or volume dynamics etc. etc. etc.") --- B U T ... -- I played around with Audition a little bit more -- cleaned the avi a bit more and added a lite warm reverb to a second version of the files below (see the "..._lite_reverb..." versions) -- W O W - this almost sounds ok - HA HA HA HA HA

Measure 42
Measure 40
One thing to note is that the score I have is just wrong in measures 40 and 42. I play 42 as it should be but I play bad time in 40. I've fixed the score's pdf with red to show the error (missing 16th flags) and will correct in future vids.

If you want to hear it played well, you should STILL try Craig Einhorn's Performance (Real Player only) -- his site is at http://www.efn.org/~einhorn - his vid is worth a look - an inspiration for - what did someone call me the other day? - a "Parlor Player" like me - ha ha ha ha - good one but, I'm sure, more than I'm due.

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MS_Cardoso_Milonga.wmvTue Jan 04 22:29:58 CST 2005  15424887  Windows Media file
MS_Cardoso_Milonga_lite_reverb.wmvWed Jan 05 21:14:50 CST 2005  12285861  Windows Media file
OGG_Cardoso_Milonga_lite_reverb.ogvThu Jun 17 01:35:09 CDT 2010  14720076  file
QT_Cardoso_Milonga.movWed Jan 05 10:10:04 CST 2005  9834937  QuickTime Movie file
QT_Cardoso_Milonga_lite_reverb.movThu Jan 13 20:47:51 CST 2005  9833657  QuickTime Movie file
RM_Cardoso_Milonga.rmWed Jan 05 03:38:36 CST 2005  10952961  Real Media file
RM_Cardoso_Milonga_lite_reverb.rmThu Jan 13 20:51:50 CST 2005  10952978  Real Media file
RM_Cardoso_Milonga_r_stream.ramThu Jan 13 20:51:50 CST 2005  73  Real Media streaming file
RM_Cardoso_Milonga_stream.ramWed Jan 05 11:44:10 CST 2005  61  Real Media streaming file
RM_Cardoso_Milonga_stream_fs.ramTue Feb 22 13:19:21 CST 2005  77  Real Media streaming file

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