Ok - I realize that my right hand control is all but non-existant these days and I figured some vids which focus on the right hand would probably help - so these are that.

A funny thing is that, I found it impossible to concentrate on playing well while the camera was a foot from my right hand -- especially in the first attempt at focusing on the right hand stuff -- probably akin to stage fright or having someone stare at your mouth as you eat or some such foolishness.

Well, hopefully these right hand vids will get better as I do more of them (which probably won't be as often as the normal practice videos) - but for now, they are what they are - enjoy.

Addition 11/10/05: Based on a request from folks at Delcamp.net - I really doubt that I was/am the best one to make this vid - I am NOT a teacher - my right hand technique sucks - and my memory, if not totally flawed, is, at best, spotty --- but I was asked to do it, so I did. It's just some opening jaw-wag - and I didn't have a script so it's only a flow of consciousness sort of thing. Then some examples of RH playing two forms of (finger) free strokes and one form of rest stroke - some better - some worse - but I was sort of grasping at straws. Anyway, for whatever it may be worth (probably little) you can find this vid in the exercises directory - it's long but should stream.

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