Horace 'Kicker' Vallas

Kicker's Retired :-)

Hi - thanks for dropping by ... and yup, I've retired.

For friends, I'm still Faced and Tubed and, of course, email still works ;-)

I mean, the last 26 years of Internet related stuff have been interesting - and, I guess, a sort of fun way to close a 40+ year software career HA HA!

Oh heck, it's all been fun ... wellll - mostly fun heh heh ... but I'm done :-)
Horace 'Kicker' Vallas

Offers for the hav.com name

I get a LOT of offers to buy the hav.com name - most, apparently, from name brokers or site developers - and most around the $30K range. Kicker's VCard QR code

So, if you're looking to buy the hav.com name, just know that hav.com has been my online persona for the last 24 or so years - well, since @ 1996 anyway - and, while I'd be willing to sell, it will take an astronomical offer to convince me to do so ... just sayin' ...

Anyway - Thanks - it's been fun! ... I hope this side of the bridge will be as well ...
... I'm thinkin' it will be HA!

Horace 'Kicker' Vallas Horace 'Kicker' Vallas Horace 'Kicker' Vallas
Horace 'Kicker' Vallas Horace 'Kicker' Vallas Horace 'Kicker' Vallas
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Just a Couple of Silly Videos for Fun

HEY!! Well, I broke down and put her in the shop for an overhaul. Greg Tringas of Tringas Music, here in P'cola, did a terrific job and, I had threat... I mean - promised to make a vid when I got her out - so here's a pass at a terrific piece by Andrew York, written for steel but performed, mostly, on classical these days... I plugged her into the q3hd so no tone control as I played (first time she's been plugged into anything or played publicly in - what - maybe 45 years or so HA HA) - and we're still getting reacquainted so not much of a performance (terrible slurs and missed harmonics etc.) - but fun anyway!!

Canco Trista - l'avia (Cancion triste) - by Paco Talarn - This is simply a beautiful little piece by Paco Talarn, a Delcamp friend, written in memory of his grandmother. It was one of the first things I recorded after picking up the guitar again after so many years. Probably not the best thing for my mental health at the time - but somehow soothing to my spirit or something. And yes, I still had my sackcloth hair back then. ... A friend reviewing the video, when first made, commented on the chair in the background being a bit distracting ... serendipity, I guess - it was my late wife, Dena's, chair sitting in the, by then, empty family room.

Anyway - old recording using a mono webcam of the day HA! best I could pull off at the time.

I Dream of You - So I ran across this beautiful little piece by Per-Olov Kindgren the other day and really wanted to take a stab at it. I don't have a score, so this is just a first take of me sort of faking it - off in a couple of spots but close.

I squashed one critical note very badly ... dern it! ... and I'm still a bit mechanical - but I'm working on a better recording setup and I'll make a better version once I get that in place.

Anyway - thanks to Per-Olov for writing the piece and for letting me take a shot at it. You should also go enjoy his YT vid of the piece which is, of course, soooo much nicer.

Anyway, I was playing around with video editing so I cut in a clip of some dolphins playing with bubble rings and added some sort of "under water" reverb during the clip insert - kind of neat. I've tried to locate the original source of the dolphin video without luck so I hope it's ok. Actually, I think the dolphins fit pretty well with the piece HA HA!